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KRV can cooperate in construction management from survey to design and completion of construction, mainly in civil engineering work. It is also possible to assist with regular inspections and maintenance work after construction.

2SURVEY. Site survey. Ground survey . Field test6MAINTENANCE. Regular inspection. Maintenance5CONSTRUCTION. Construction. Management4ESTIMATE. Construction estimate. VECD3DESIGN. Drawing. Construction method. Schedule1PLANNING/ CONCEPT. Business scale. BudgetingField survey: Field survey of the surrounding area for construction plan.Field test : Field test of construction site (CBR, Plate bearing test etc.)Topographic survey: Topographic survey for the land formation plan.Drainage survey around the site : Preliminary survey of surrounding drainage status to avoid future floods etc.Laboratory test : Various laboratory test (soil, pavement etc.)Civil design : Earth work / foundation work, pavement work, drainage work, retaining wall and slope protection workPavement design: Plan based on local ground conditions, future traffic volume and local conditions.Drainage design: Flow rate calculation and drainage plan from local rainfall intensity and construction site rainwater plan.Soft ground measure: </