Stone Separator

The stone separator is a road stabilizer with a sizing device that specializes in improving surfaces such as the ground. A vibrating screen is used for mixing and sizing. This allows stones to be submerged in the lower layer and fine soil to be separated and leveled in the upper layer.


  • Improved permeability
  • Removal of surface stones
  • Improvement of hardened ground
  • Soil improvement of planting zone
Stone Separator


  • We will improve the ground where the stones are exposed or hardened to a soft ground
  • It is also possible to restore the function by mixing the ground with poor permeability with sand or improvement materials.
  • Mixing and sieving work is done in one process, so construction can be done in a short period of time.
  • The stones in the lower layer can be effectively used as a drainage layer, so it is an environmentally friendly construction method that does not generate waste.
  • In addition to the ground, it can be applied to soil improvement of large-scale planting zones and soft rock soil such as golf courses.
Using stone separator

The ground is scraped up and the existing soil is crushed by the rotor bit. When it is struck around the hood by its centrifugal force, it is screened by the screen.

Before and after when using stone separator

Rotor Hood Structure

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